This project for the expansion of the old regional offices for SANRAL.

As a competition winner, it was an exercise in trying to extend the life of an 1970's building to bring it into line with expectations of a 21st century office building, catering for all the needs of a new tenant.  A new floor was added to the original building.  An extension provided new conference facilities, entrance foyer, additional offices and parking.  Delivered in phases, practical completion was achieved in 2013.

Although the standard green building codes did not apply to it due to it being an extension project, principals of energy efficiency and low carbon footprint were still applied.  These include:  

A very cost effective solution was provided to the client, who was able to remain in the building during construction and still achieve a sizeable area in a very cost effective way.  Any future expansions can also take place with very little disruption to the present facilities.