South African High Commission, Lilongwe, Malawi

An embassy/chancery for the South African High Commission. The design had to take into account the high security necessary.  At the same time as a consulate,  it had to interact with the general public.  This was achieved through the use of privacy thresholds.  As one goes deeper into the building, the privacy increases.  The earlier parts of the building try to be as ‘friendly’ as possible as they interact with the general public. 

The intention was also to embrace and be a positive addition to the Lilongwe environment.  The roof overhangs and deep recessed fit in with the climate.  The use of a similar local facebrick blends it in as a local building, rather than as a foreign intrusion.  With it being lit up from the inside, the building gives something to the cityscape at night. 

Construction took just under 2.5 years.