Aziz Tayob graduated at the University of the Witwatersrand as the first black architect in South Africa in 1969. The practice was established in 1970 in Pageview, Johannesburg. After the removal of Pageview by the previous government, the practice has since operated in Laudium, Pretoria..

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Affirmative Action & BEE Status

Aziz Tayob Architects has a certified 135% BEE Procurement Recognition and has a Level One BEE Status

The practice has throughout it's existence trained more than 60 people from disadvantaged background.  It continues doing so. 

Read more: Affirmative Action and BEE Status

Archicad users since 1996


With the long term relationship we like to develop with our clients, most of our projects go through various phases over the years.

It's therefore important to ensure that we are able to take all the CAD drawings from the past into the latest CAD/BIM software of today.

The following image is a brief summary of being able to call up a a drawing done more than 18 years ago and with a couple of tweaks bring it into the latest software and all the benefits that come with it.


For this project, in 2002 the site mesh and textures were limited due to software and hardware limitations.  In 2020, the software and hardware has evolved such that in less than 3 hours, we were able to insert an accurate terrain map as well as better looking material textures.  Both of the above image are still the raw unrendered image.