GreenBuilding - Our Approach to Sustainability & Ecological Friendly Design

Our firm has always attempted to create buildings that:


  • Have a low lifecycle cost and which require as little maintenance as possible
  • Respond to climate and site conditions
  • Make sensible use of materials

Our firm currently uses EcoDesigner to do all our energy modeling.  We are able to do detailed energy requirements calculations, compare various options (such as materials, openings sizes, shading, orientation and location) to determine energy efficiency as well as carbon footprint.  The software is integrated with our CAD software, allowing us to do these at any stage of the project, from design through to as built to support us in determining the most efficient design.  All of our projects from 1998 are able to be put immediately through our energy modeling software. 


We are firmly committed to continually responding positively to the movement to ensure that buildings are sustainable and ecologically friendly.  We do not believe that these buildings are more costly to the client.  We subscribe to the belief that in addressing the problems faced by human kind and the planet that:

"Doing something will cost a bit...Doing nothing will cost the earth"