This is a project dating back to the 1989.  The developers were already appointed to produce in access of 1000 low cost housing for the newly established Lotus Gardens Suburb in Pretoria.  After they had erected phase 1 of their contract, concerns were raised about the quality and suitability of the residences. 

We were consulted to try and improve the end product, but still remain within the contract the developers had.  The developers were erecting one type of unit regardless of orientation, siting and owner preference.

As one of our first CAD projects (Autocad 2.6), we developed 6 prototypes.  Some prototypes concentrated on more bedroom space, others on more living areas.  The buyers were then given an option to choose their preferred unit.  Each units was then mirrored and rotated to suite the site and orientated to the desired direction.  Whilst the units were compact - around 60m sq - the siting and design allowed the new home owners to easily expand the units in future.  It took into account the expansion and additions of bedrooms, living areas and garages.   



Original township plan

Lotus Gardens in 2004

Lotus Gardens in 2018