This project has a long history in the office.  The Mobil Garage was originally built in the early 1970's and was then purchased by the Kharbai Brothers (Solly & Ahmed).

In 1997, with the structures some 27 years old, showing signs of ageing, we looked at options for an upgrade.  The option settled for was an upgrade to the convenience store.  This was only meant to extend the life by a few years.


1997 Interim interior alteration to enlarge convenience store.

In the meantime, plans were underway to look at a long term upgrade as maintenance of the ageing building was high, with very little to show for.  With the structures quickly approaching a 50 year milestone, and the petrol station industry having transformed radical from the motor showroom to the slick convenience stores, the only option was to do a complete re-build.

In 2019, after a long on-off period the project to rebuild finally commenced

2019 - Prior to commencing full rebuild


 2020 - Rebuild completed

The redesign creates a spacious 8 car fueling bays with a convenience store located at the same level as the petrol forecourt.  The structures is a simple clean lined face brick building set back against the site boundary, clearly indicating the convenience to the customer.