This project involved the designing of a new generations prison for the Department of Correction Services.  One of the key items of the new generation prison design was to facilitate easy management.  This included restricting the entire facility to a manageable level of 3000 inmates.  The inmates are further subdivided into sectors of 1000 inmates, and then further until they reach units of 10 inmates per holding cell.  The subdivision also allows the prison authorities to group the various classes of inmates.  The manageable units allow for easy management by prison staff, requiring less staff to manage.  It also allows for training of inmates.   The unit allows for educational, vocational and industrial skills workshops. The grouping of inmates into smaller units allowed for the facilities to be designed which were economical in size, which would be used round the clock.

The design philosophy was to keep the facility as simple as possible.  Amongst the differences being to design a facility which relied less on costly electronic surveillance. 


  The firm as lead architect, together with two other firms produced a full set of tender documents which the department has used to erect all around the country.